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I'm on the comeback trail.
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Physiotherapy and a 3km run! 

I work as a gymnastics coach and today over 30 of my girls competed in our very first recreational competition of the year. 
Their smiles when they knew they had done their best make my heart sing. 

All I want to do is just inspire people. 




the URL just makes it

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Pretty great start to my day

One hour workout (including treadmill time) then a breakfast of a latte and banana/pear/raspberry bread.
Now I’m at uni studying my butt of so I can rock my last two finals!

Just did 5 squats and got puffed. 
I know I’ve still got an awful long way to go, but I know I will get there! 



I doth fancy some new fitblrs to follow, and thus I shall request humbly that in accordance with such a desire, thou shalt please reblog this post.

I shall follow the majority of you wonderful beings.

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Will Starr, Runner’s World Challenger of the Week  (via sighmissmolly)

Running, much like life, has its hills and valleys. On any given run, and particularly in most marathons, we come across easy stretches and seemingly impossible challenges. I have learned to just keep going. The tough moments never last, and the easy stretches are always a joy. The same is clearly true in life, if we just keep going we’ll get to that finish line with water, massages, and bananas!


I have been suspiciously quiet on my fitblr. My apologies! 
On the eight of april, six weeks out from my half marathon, I broke my fibula. 
However, this has not stopped me. 
I went back to the gym this morning for the first time and did a one hour workout. 
At this stage, it looks like a little while before I can run again and I still have a bit of a limp. 
But one day at a time, I will get there.


I reached a 100 followers today! I am so happy, thank you so much. Let’s go healthy guys, we can do it together! =D

go girl! i just followed you on my other blog!

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yay for half hour unexpected PT sessions!

12km run this morning!

Yes. I go slow. That’s okay :)